American Association of Endodontist – The Membership And Benefits

The next step of a certified endodontist is the membership of the AAE, and this organization has several membership options to accommodate the variety of professionals in this field. The American Association of Endodontists can offer trained professionals a lot of opportunities, first of all, you will have a chance to meet people from this industry, discuss various topics and attend medical conferences which an improve your general knowledge. If you are still unsure whether to join this association, then check out the following categories.

Types of membership

Active – the membership fee is $793, and dentists who are specialists or only limited to endodontic practice can apply for this position.

Active FDHS – annual rate is $421 and professionals who serve in the Federal Dental Health Service, such as Army, Navy, Air Force and so on can join.

Educator – the required fee is $421, and an individual who is a full-time educator at a reputable university or institution and is in the predoctoral department is eligible for this category.

International – an endodontist who is the resident of a foreign country, but based on his credentials and expertise, has gained an approval of AAE Board of Directors, can become a member of AAE. The annual fee is $421.

Associate – this category involves a practicing dentist who is interested in endodontics, but doesn’t have the required education. The annual fee is $433.

Resident – in this case, a certified dentist who has enrolled in an advanced education program in endodontics and has gained a permission of the dental association and an opportunity to become a member of AAE. The fee is $77.

International resident – a full-time dentist who is enrolled in an advanced specialty education program in endodontics, which is defined by his native country, has an opportunity to apply for this category. The annual rate is $77.

Predoctoral student – this category supports predoctoral students who are enrolled in dental school, which is accredited by the ADA and is interested in endodontics. The required fee potential members will have to pay is $77.

Professional staff – in this case, a dental staff which is employed with endodontist or member of an association. The fee is $74.

The benefits of the membership

The member of AAE can explore the various benefits. They can have exclusive access to many prestigious monthly journals and newspaper editions and discount pricing to many medical events and conferences. Also, a member will have an opportunity to get in touch with international co-workers.